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I tie mostly "Intruder" type flies, firstly they look gorgeous in and out of the water keeping their baitfish profile making them a target for the loch's predators but also because I enjoy tying them.

They appear bulky out of the water due to how the material is spun on to the tube during the tying however this is an illusion, the amount of material actually used is much less than traditional patterns of a similar size.  I tie them in a range of weights and styles allowing them to be cast with a 6 or 7 weight.

Over the winter is when I have most time to tie flies, please let me know if you have any requests. 

The large trout patterns are £10 each, the salmon and sea trout patterns are £5 each.


YouTube link to a video showing the reasons why I use these flies for the trout here and some of the methods used to make them.





Autumn Flies 

I like orange and red colours at this time of year, I tied these for my 6wt.

You can even play with them in my fly swim tank before you buy to see how life-like they become, click the link below to see one swimming.


Sashsquatch in swim tank

No, not very traditional but then I am not fishing for "traditional" brownies!

Orange Sashsquatch

 Ingredients for this Sashsquatch

1.5" orange Pro tube with strainer disc

Peacock ice dub as a tag

UV hot orange large Polar chenille

Orange silver fox spun in dubbing loop as tail 

Black and orange DNA and Holofusion veiling the tail

Barred crazy rubber legs

3 black ostrich herls as underwing

3 turns of black webby schlappen

Rainbow sparkle, 4 strands

Natural and red lady amherst tail fibres

Dark brown silver fox as over wing, as long as possible

Jungle cock eyes

Orange marabou spey plume as rear head hackle, 1 turn

Black American hen hackle for front head hackle.